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How to Workout Your Pectorals: 2 Tricks to Witness Ripped Chest Muscles

Are you wondering how to workout your pectorals in a major way?

The time for questioning should now come to an end.

For workout your pectorals, this article will finally reveal to you the steps to start seeing a bigger chest in only a few weeks.


The movements mentioned in this article are a great starting point for a beginner. It is important to note that consistency plays a large part in improving your physique. You must stick with your routine to reap any true long-term benefits.

Trick #1: Barbell Bench Press-Medium Grip

This is considered a compound exercise, because it incorporates the use of several muscles. This not only works out your chest, but it also hits your triceps and shoulders. It should go as follows. You will lay with your back flat on a bench. Then, take both hands and place them boarder than your shoulder on the barbell. Next, you will lower the barbell until it almost touches your chest and lift it as high as it can go.You will repeat this six to eight times and then rest. You should have your feet firmly planted on the ground for this exercise. They should be a little more than shoulder length apart a well. It is advisable to slowly lower the bar to the middle of your chest. This should not be a rapid movement. When lifting your elbows you should not lock at the top of your repetition.

Trick #2: Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise will also involve working your triceps and shoulders as well. This will require two dumbbells. This is yet another way to solve how to workout your pectorals in a major way. You will again sit down and lay on bench for this one. You should be keeping the dumbbells close to your chest during this movement. You can lift them over it extending your arms all the way to the top. Hips and shoulder should be flat on the bench as well. You will lower the dumbbells to your sides in an arc-like motion slowly. Your elbows should be parallel to the floor. This is at the lowest point of the repetition or exercise.

Bonus Tip!

These exercises should not be performed everyday. You will want to give your body a rest period of 48 hours and then try again. It is also recommended that you consume some carbohydrates after your routine to restore your energy levels. While this is a good start. There is much more you should look at before taking on such a task. This article of the same category could also interest you.

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