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How to Workout Without Having to Exercise

Workout without having to exercise? We lead busy lives that leave us with little time to workout, and exercise does not always sit high on our list of priorities

Let’s face it, when we feel like we have to get up and go to the gym, cleaning the rain gutters or responding to our email sounds like a more productive way to spend our time. We lose vital moments of life to indecision and apathy. This isn’t helpful!

All we have to do is shift out of that mindset of having to workout and exercise and instead take a look at what it is we want to create. We can create an active, joyful life without feeling pressured to live up to some standard of health.

We must to have a new insight

It’s time to shake ourselves up and be open to new ways of doing and being, especially when it comes to our own embittered perspective. We must break free of limiting thought and ideals about who we can be and what we can enjoy.

If we think that aerobics or running or doing sit-ups every morning is the best way to workout or exercise, and the very idea of doing those things sounds detestable to us. 

Then we end up cheating ourselves even when we do manage to talk ourselves into going because it isn’t producing any real value for our soul. It doesn’t make us feel good. Why else would we want to do it?

Opening up to what makes us happy, not just what we assume is healthy, life becomes much more flowing, animated and fun. Go ahead, turn on your favorite music and dance when no one is looking.

Dance like it’s the last dance of your life. Go hiking to a place you’ve never been, start juggling if you want to. All of these things bring clarity, dexterity and some measure of health.

We often sell ourselves short and just assume that we can’t do something, but there is no rationale behind it. We can create anything that we choose to in our lives, whether or not we have previous experience with it. It’s all about choice.

Try to do other activities

Whatever activity that we can find passion in will be a work out, but more than just exercise comes from what we are passionate towards.

More energy, more desire, more strength and more clarity also result when we learn new skills, making us more fit and active, and open to even more possibilities for incorporating new, fun activities into our lives in the future.

We can and should take advantage of the things that we find joy in and learn new skills throughout our lives, keeping us full of energy and vitality at any age.


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